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BlueSeaDreamer89GOLD Member
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Location: Chicago, USA

juggle i have been searching near and far for a "decent" Fire Diablo. A friend of mine is amazing at diablo and is left out at the fire jams with his "glow in the dark" toy which doesnt really glow very well.

does anyone have any suggestions of US based companies that sell fire diablos. is a bit expensive with the shipping and their wacky english currency.

also are there any diablos which stand out in terms of quality, he tends to kick the crap out of anything i get him, wicks, chains, diablos you name it he breaks it......

I was surprised home of poi didnt carry more fire toys other than poi & staff. they are the best in terms of quality but i would love to see more variety in the future, maybe even fire spinning plates biggrin

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hexagonicClubbles Jugs
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Location: Manchester

I know Mister Babache do a good glow diabolo as featured in Diabology

Not sure about good fire diabolos but they are out there. I saw a really good diabolist (Zanzibar) try one at the BJC 2004, but he seemed to have a lot of trouble with it, I would suggest trying the Babache glow diabolos - I've seen Vux do it live, it's amazing. smile

You could also try the diabolo forum

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bluecatgeek, level 1
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i'm going to see zanzibar this weekend. if i remember(its at a dance festival(obviously alcohol and drug free, so there's no reason why not wink ) i'll ask his advice


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IfritBRONZE Member
The GF of HoP
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Anywhere close?

Ive got a Firefly (1st one,cheaper) but i wish i had bought the Nesbitt.

*lil side note when you google 'fire diabolo$' result number 20 is 1 of my pics from HoP biggrin As close to fame as i can hope for.

Also be warned that fire/metal diabolos do limit what can be done somewhat which is why i picked up staff and poi for those group spin moments.
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Devilstick_RussellBRONZE Member
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howdy ifrit you sexy beast hows computer something or other going?

errm i mean yes fire diabolos so you prefer metal or rubber fire diabolos? they both have several pros and cons i expect.

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[noodles]*Property of Pigeon Wigeon*
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Get a finesse with the led attachment kits. Not quite fire but still cool and allows you to play in the dark.

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bluecatgeek, level 1
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so says m'sieu zanzibar

'nothing else is any good'

expensive tho....

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Mr_widdeat my face before i eat yours
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this is the one i got, its amazing and replacing the wicks is the easest thing in the world to do

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I have a Finesse or two with the ligth kits and they're great. BUT, they're not fire. The big pro is you can do everything and do stuff indoors in the dark but as good as it looks, fire is that much more awe inspiring. You just need to learn a new 'base' of tricks that look good to replace the ones which are extra difficult to do with kevlar string and a heavy diabolo.

I'd agree with Bluecat/Zanzibar. The Nesbitt is by far the one to get even though it is really expensive. I guess it just kinda means you need to really want a fire diabolo if you're going to get one, otherwise the Finesse+light kit might be best.

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