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Posted: Well tomorrow is the big day. I'm performing at a club for the first time. I haven't really performed in front of other people before and beginning to doubt myself a little.

Anyone got any hint/tips/advice?

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Posted:Thats good advice!

Don't doubt yourself! A few nerves are good.. gives you a buzz..

all I would say is enjoy yourself! AND HAVE FUN! Thats what this is all about really isn't it?

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Posted:yeah, don't let the b/flies get ta ya.
My first time was at a skating rink, just a few weeks ago, and i was really nervous, but then
when the music started going and stuff it jist felt natural...
and plus noone else there knew how to spin so they loved it.

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Posted:have fun with what you are doing and have fun with the audience ...after all you are there for them ... so make eye contact, smile, laugh .. have fun and let them know it's fun !!!

did i say FUN!!!!

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Posted:allways smile, dont show nervousness, acknoledge that there is an audiance but just pretend that they are not there and do what you do when you practice...... wicked have fun and enjoy it.
chin up!


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Posted:DON'T have an accident!

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Posted:I did my first club performance on the weekend, just get up there and enjoy yourself.

Remember that out of all the people in the room, you are most likely the only person who is sobar, pretty much everyone else will be more impressed by the fact that you can make swirly light type things than what tricks you can perform .

At the end of the day, to non Poi people, most of the easier moves look as or more impressive than more advanced - munted/drunk people just arn't going to care if its a 3 beat or 7 beat weave. Therefore transitions of easier moves (eg forwards weave into backwards weave into windmill into corkscrew and back) will look as good as attempting hard things, without the risk of smacking yourself.

Most importantly, just enjoy yourself. I haven't had the oppertunatey to spin to loud pumping music before, so it's the first time I really started dancing whilst spinning. Personally I really enjoyed the experience.


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