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Posted:Monkey and I were sitting on our boat, discussing this question briefly over a cup of tea:

Would you rather be forced to live in a zoo on an alien planet as a human, or would you rather be forced to live in jail?

I think I would much rather prefer to be in a zoo, as i would be there not as a punishment, and there would probably be more facilities to play with (tire tied to a rope tied to a tree perhaps? biggrin ).
In jail, although you are looked after, you are in there to be punished, so its not going to be particularly pleasant is it?

Which brings me to the question, what would you prefer to live in?

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Posted:haha yeah, i wounder what aliens would be like at keeping people in a zoo. i bet they'd use violence, like in some crappy earth zoos.

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Posted:Most people who slag off big brother havnt evne sat down and watched it. Hmm Theo interesting, but you know if you escaped an alien zoo it would mean instant death being on an alien plannet probably chased by giant person eating plants or something.

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