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Thought some of you might find this amusing:I was walking down the street last Friday swinging my practice poi in a reverse weave... on my way to my usual practice spot, when I got a fairly typical "Hey, what are those?" I responded with a fairly typical explanation of what "those" are, exchanged smiles and handshakes, and proceeded along my merry way. A few minutes later, the guy who had asked me what I was doing came running after and asked me if I could stop for a moment to be in the amateur movie he was shooting for film school... entitled "ObiDonQuixote"... the tail of a crazed man and his sidekick who think they are......Jedi Knights......wandering present day Seattle. So... I spent ten minutes spinning while I guy in brown bathrobe and baggy pants batted at my poi with a toy light saber.Go figure.At least I had been polishing my windmills...

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Bwwwaaaahahahahhahah HAHAHahahha....i find that hilarious!!!four yrs from now there will be a major motion picture that is the debut of a new director that will blow all other movies away..(sort of like 6th sense and it director) then on the DVD release it will have that dudes early films..then in one of those early films youll see Twist spinning with some cook hacking away at his Poi.Thats a cool story twist, it gave me my daily reccomended serving of laughing.Super'------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown

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That's hilariousYou're a good sport Twist.

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I was twirling with practice poi one day in the botanical gardens, overlooking Sydeny harbour, and a group of 40 school kids aged about 7/8 came along the footpath.I put on a little show for them and got gasps and applause. Maybe I've helped to create the next generation of twirlers who will watch that movie!

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That's awesome...When i read your story twist, I started laughing like hell.Ya' know one of those laugh-really-hard-loose-concentration-and fall-backwards-in-a-chair kinda laughs (N8 rubs the bump on his head)Sheesh, so funny it hurts...think i'm gonna go put some Ice on this now.

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happy bump day.

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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hahah nice


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