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I've been interested in rope dart since before I knew what it was called, I've even screwed around with some semi-rope dart-ish things. (and needless to say, beat the hell out of myself and nearly hung myself from a low tree branch. lol)

Aprox. how different, besides the obvious, is it compared to Poi?

While I have a hint of some of the tricks involved, I really haven't seen many rope-dart performances. A shame...

Second question: How long does it take to learn the basics of it?

Yes, I'm aware that everyone learns at a different pace, myself learning the basics of poi in a single day and now, 6 or so months later, I'm fairly proficient in it.

I'll probly have some more questions later on when I know what to ask. lol


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There are a few rope dart threads about this one has a link to a site with some tutorial videos, it will completely change how you spin poi, it has done with me, it gives you more awareness of where the whole object is rather than just the end, you will beat yourself senseless, ropeburn is a given. other than the basics of poi, its more like glowsticking in a way, due to all the wraps and stuff, a lot slower though, and remember, its part of a martial art, so fluidity is key

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Thanks. ^.^

Appreciate the thread as well as the post.

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