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Forums > Meet Others > Spinners in Leeds? anyone???

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Location: Leeds
Member Since: 31st Dec 2005
Total posts: 5
Posted:hey people, I'm looking for spinners in Leeds. I'm a true blue newbie but i'm a fast learner! Looking to find some fellow circusy types to chill and pratice with. All the better if you're a mountain biker.

Hear from someone soon!


Location: Floating
Member Since: 23rd May 2005
Total posts: 42
Posted:Check this: http://www.homeofpoi.com/ubbthreads/show...5/o/all/fpart/1

There should also be a weekly gathering from the juggling society every week in front of leeds uni - can't remember which day tho.

Location: wakefield yorks uk
Member Since: 31st Aug 2005
Total posts: 71
Posted:its in hyde park on a tuesday after 7 o clock
check out the main field its normally there
if you see someone making a fool out of themselves come right over itll be me

Location: leeds /bradford/bingley
Member Since: 15th Apr 2006
Total posts: 7
Posted:hi all
just returned to sunny england from thailand , spent a few months learning poi ,and progressed to fire ( with a few burns ).
would love to get involved over here , so anyone meeting up in the leeds /bradford area for practice etc get intouch!!