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Location: Fareham

Today, Christmas day, i did my 1st fire performance.

started with fire clubs, moved to fire poi. then finished off with some fire breathing.

went down a storm.

even when my poi wraped up round my wrist. redface

3 cheers for me!

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VampyricAcidSILVER Member
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Location: My House, United Kingdom

YAY well done matey!!

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Location: OZ

awesome, sounds like you enjoyed it, glad things went well.


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Location: Fareham

yeah. was cool. was just for like, extended family and their friends. but it went down much better than expected.

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IgirisujinSILVER Member
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Location: Preston, United Kingdom

Congratulations, I span with fire for the first time latley, it makes you all tingly and warm inside dosent it

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Location: Fareham

yeah, it does, plus, it was great seing the faces of all my lil cousins being so impressed. biggrin made me feel like i was a good cousin.

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jeffhighGOLD Member
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Location: Caves Beach, NSW, Australia

Hey, I spun for my son's birthday party last weekend, 11yr old boys, easily impressed, just let loose and did what I could and that was enough to impress them

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YAY for you!! first performance/fire twirl is MAD!! every time you light up is, but the first is. . .something different.

well congrats and just because you can, have a hug smile

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PyroWillGOLD Member
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Wow well done mate, and for your first performance you did a heck of a lot fo stuff,i hope you practised your fire breathing quite a lot first!

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Flame BoyGOLD Member
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Location: Out, United Kingdom

Nice one wink

I spun at family gathering shortly after i started with fire, my great-granny was there...but I dont think she really knew what was going on ubblol

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Theo_SILVER Member
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Location: Norwich Norfolk, United Kingdom

i'm going to do fire soon,i'm making some fire heads in my DT class at college.

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DenGadGOLD Member
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Location: Copenhagen, DK, Denmark

Cool. Congrats on your first burn, flamingibanez!
May many successful burns be part of your future.


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