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"Urkult" is a great festival in the north of Sweden that offers many different kinds of music and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world!

The swedish organisation, "Eldsjl", usually has people there to to some moves and show off! biggrin go to to learn more about us (or send me a pm)

Please, if you want 3 great days of brilliant music and beautiful firefreaks like ourselves, join us in august!

The festivals page on the web:



Whirly whirly ladymember
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i REALLY want to go to this but i click on the website and its all in swedish and i cant understand it confused2 my dad lives 20 minutes drive away from there anywhere i can translate it to english??


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you'll find info about Urkult in english here: urkult info in english

This years Urkult festival was in 3-5 august so it's abit late, but it's only 11.5 months till next time. smile

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