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So I've been kicking around this idea for a while of using poi while suspended upside down from something. So I gave it a try on sunday night hanging from my knees from a trapezze.

It was a lot of fun, possibly from all the blood rushing to my head or the added thrill of falling onto my head should my kness give out. But as far as moves go I couldn't do much beyond weaves because with gravity pulling the opposite direction most moves just didn't work.

So I was wondering if anyone else has experimented with this and what kind of success they had, any pointers would be great.

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havn't tried but sounds cool ubbrollsmile
wouldn't butterfly work upside down? hehe

Are you up for it?

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Everything should be possible, you just need to retrain your movements. I see images and vids every now and again with upsidedown spinners.. there's probably a number of them on this site hiding somewhere..

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Shucks... I've been working on this for a while but then put it on the back burner before I could do a world debut.

Funny how hanging upside down kind of makes you arch your back so all of your planes are off.

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wouldn't the reverse weave then feel likes the forwards?

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Some of the ideas I've been tossing around involve movements such as swinging the poi over the bar I'm hanging from and securing them by hoding the ends. After that I could unhook my knnes and the performing some rope or tissu tricks. But I probably am going to want to double check the strength of my poi before trusting my entire body weight hanging from them.

Also probably a bar which is securely in place would be better then a swinging trapezze, although the swinging does help increase the dizziness.

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Wow how's that for timeing, i did this for the first time on Sunday at a spinning meet in Manchester. There was this structure that begged to be climbed & having started trapeeze about a month ago I kinda thought what if.... I only managed weave, attempted thread the neadle but working it out i forgot to keep squeezing with my legs. Didn't fallbut felt unsteady enough to come down... It was about 12ft above nothing but concreete. I like taking moves above my head which seemed easier upside down cause gravity's working in your favor. Gonna have to try it again, but maby with a crash mat next time!

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I can't find the picture from WOMAD this year. There's a really stupid picture of me suspended from a parking barrier about 8m high....scary..its really weird the spacial awareness is really different.

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Vanize and I had tried it suspending from a trapeze once before; it was loads of laughs but simply looked absurd. I suppose you could theoretically do any move upside down, but it'll get some adjusting to.

Remember first learning the backwards weave after doing the forwards? It was starting all over again with the same move from the beginning, and upside down I believe would be the same. The fact that the drop of gravity is over the head takes all previously mastered intuition topsy turvy.

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