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Posted:I've found quite difficult when I started to thought about all the

rights. Pictures, texts, or just a names, all needs permision

from owner to be used in and the difficulty isnt contacting all

the authors,

What thing needs author rights?

It commond question, cause many people are writing their own

things, websites, links, downloading texts and pictures.

How do you run your own matherials?

Another point of view is "open source", when you dont want to

comercialize your staff. Even than I thought you need rights. I

thought that makes it open source will makes it easier. But

eventhou I feel rights are needed so,

Does "open source" need authors rights?



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Posted:I'm having trouble understanding your post...mabey rewrite it.

Isn't the absence of authors rights the entire point of open source?

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Posted:Copyright is a massive issue. If you are publishing something that is important, or you dont want it abused in any way, then I would consult a lawyer.

Anything that is your intellectual property, IE, something that has come out of your head is protected under copyright in many countries. Your rights will differ depending on the country you published it in.

If you want to open the rights on your work more, then you can look in to the creative commons license. Its a publishing license that gives you a bit more control over how you want your work to be distributed. For example, you can say that your work is free to use in whatever way wanted as long as you are given a credit for it:
You could use the GPL so that your work would be free for anyone to use in anyway as long as any work coming from it goes under the same license.

See the wikipedia entry for GPL:

Also, some more info about what you're talking about would be good as well!

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Posted:Controversial topic...

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Maybe consider this one

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Intellectual Property rights IMO is another way to make the buck - just like any property rights issue... Hence it's OK in this world to follow the system and beat it with it's own methods...

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