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Location: Sutherland Shire-Sydney

Hi Guys,

Im new to all of this and i really want to learn Poi. I live in the shire
( in know ooohh scary) and i want to know if anyone know's anyone close to me that could teach me and a mate how to do Poi? Im going overseas in June so want to learn how to do it before i go.

Please let me know if you know of anyone


Natstar smile

FireByNiteSILVER Member
Are you up for it??
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Heaps of Sydney peeps around here, alas I'm not one of them sorry... You could try checking out the meet others section
where you can search for others that are willing to teach or check out the meet others thread good luck weavesmiley

Are you up for it?

DentrassiGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

will PM you shortly.

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