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Posted:Don't you agree that describing a move is extremely difficult? And that understanding a despription even much more)

Should it be mandatory to include (understandable) graphics, or videos, pictures in the post? rolleyes

Personally I can't follow many of the described moves... confused

Maybe I'm just not visualizing enough... redface

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Posted:it's hard to describe a move with text alone,
it's harder to find time to shoot images, footage, host them, lay them out and refer to them in a meaningful manner.
it's harder still to find a good heart. no wait, wrong organ donor forum.....

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Posted:... i put "mandatory" in little tiny letters ...

but you're right - it's a lot of effort... time consuming...

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Posted:But the most important. smile and there are descriptors like, planes, directions, timing, beat or basic moves that can help you to write down propper description.

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