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Saturday, December 31, 2005 08:45 to 13:45

OK im trying to raise a couple of blood drives over this chrismas this will be the 3rd if all goes well if you do want give blood plz make a list below.This should only take about an hour giving blood is painless apart from a little prick...promise and they evan give you free mars bars!!!
I was thinking we could meet up in the morning and get a taxi there then go for a spin?Well let me know!! and dont put your name on unless you mean it

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sorry peeps but I just wanna clear some things up.. im not having a go at anyone besides the "system"

Gay men/women are not allowed to give blood
1) click "Click Here"
2) Then follow this sequence of answers
3) Y,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,Close,n,n,y

what really annoys me is that all blood is screened in the first place for HIV, Hep B/C and blood group, and HIV/AIDS was first discovered in Africa amongst hetrosexual couples etc decades ago but its has been branded as a "Gay Disease".

Str8 peeps are as unfaithful as gay peeps so what makes the powers that be decide that we cant give blood..

If u ask me its nothing but red tape and bull**** politics.

As for a society that is trying to become less predudice, giving blood sounds like the perfect escape goat to not obeying the "rules" dont ya think!

sorry.. rant over..

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It will be an old law that is just not getting looked at, theres loads od them around and itle take years for them to get changed. I doubt anyones recently decided to look at the law and still thinks that gays and lesbo's cant give blood these days.

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