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Strange By Namenewbie
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Ive been making staffs for a while now and each time when i get to the screwing the wicks into the holes of the pole into the wood part...i always seem to get into a mess with the the screws dont go into the wick well and always create a thread...

How to solve?

d-eyeGOLD Member
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Use a nail to push a small hole through the wick to the hole in the metal. Pull it out and then place the tip of the screw into the small hole and screw it in.

-sandy-BRONZE Member
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couldnt have put it better myself

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ado-pGOLD Member
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I just put a bit of tapy around the wick and drill straight through tyhe wick and the pole at the same time...

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hit it with a hammer biggrin

seriously don't bother drilling hole then trying to find them through the wick, screw the screw into the wick (use the nail thing if you catch a thread) untill there abit of tension holding it in place, then hit it with a hammer repeatedly till it brake through enough to screw in. This has safed me load of time cos there's always one screw the won't find it's hole however well you mark it out.

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Use a different kind/quality of wick. This used to drive me crazy. I'd tape the wick on, make a hole with a bradall and then use a new drill bit; it would still mess up every other time.

Now I use the wick with more fibreglass (the difference is: less fibreglass equals more fluffy and thready) in it and it is so easy to drill that it takes me a few seconds, is perfect each time and now I don't even have to do the whole bradall/new drill bit thing anymore.


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Strange By Namenewbie
6 posts

Nice One!! Thanks for the feedback....i will give it a try with your methods....hopefully i wont spend more than an hour on one

CharlesBRONZE Member
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I recommend taping the wick on the outside, and then SLOWLY with a handdrill, drilling the hole through the wick and then biting into the wood inside the aluminium.

Then use a power drill (or strong arms and wrists) to screw a selftapping screw in...

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Strange By Namenewbie
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Wow....I made around six staffs alltogether and this one has got to be the neatest best staff ive made..

Using an elasticband to hold the wick in place i used a hammer and a thin nail to make the holes for the screws......WORKS LIKE A CHARM! Saved me alot of time...and had no stress smile

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I make about five differing types of fire staff, wick attachment, make sure wick is wound tight and well secured, I've been using electrical tape for this, pulled around the kevlar tight, to the point of stretching.

Holes are then punched through to the metal-work and then hand drilled and secured with spax 'hardened' screws, one at a time. I've found certain screw types are more prone to catching threads, hence changing to spax, I think the most useful addition though is a small amount of light oil run into each hole prior to screw installation.


SurlochSILVER Member
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I find I don't have much trouble if I use a ruler, measure where the holes are then wrap the wick. Can usually just get the screw into the hole by hand to get it through the wick before needing to tighten with the screwdriver. I've never had any problems with it catching the threads - might just be the screws used, they have a fairly wide thread on them.

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StoneGOLD Member
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Try using self tappeing screws and a cordless drill.


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Strange By Namenewbie
6 posts

Yep...i use self tapping screws...i screw the screws in the wick without using a drill, the only time i use the drill is to make the holes in the pole befor the wicks go on.

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