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Posted:ok people once again i call on your help. (god it'ds like there are thousands of agony aunts/uncles out there) little situation.
I live in Cornwall and in the winter the weather is awful. This has its drawbacks. No longer can i whack my shorts on and devil stick poi or in fact spin anything around outside. So indoors is the next option BUT! my dad has just put a wooden floor in the only room in the house that is big enough for me to spin in so i can't drop stuff in there because "it will dent the new floor" he's right aswell. So i would be open to any suggestions on how to entertain myself throught the dark and cold months.

x Tennis x

P.s ANY suggestions please as the only the i can think of doing is smoke myself into a stupour or chew my own legs off in boredom.

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Posted:You could learn a bit of woodworking, then when you chew your legs off, at least you can make yourself some cool wooden legs

Alternatively, you could give pen spinning a go.

Or contact juggling with a bouncy ball might work to save your legs until you can go outside again

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Posted:you could always try using tennis balls in socks, I don't think they would dent the floor.
Either that or you could brave the cold with a pair of toasties gloves. But I think Cornwall is pretty much like here weather wise and it's more rain than cold, and spinning in the wet is no fun.
But no Leg chewing!!! it's bad for your health!

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Posted:I turn to carpet hooking in the winter.. VERY sad I know but I've nearly finished my little sunflower carpet - should be done by the end of this year!

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Posted:that is whut i love about Texas...
anywho, try raving.....
thats all i can do indoors

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