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Hi folks !

I'm very interested in Aerotech spinning stuff but I'm a little bit confused with glopois and glometeors. It's said on te site they are the same, except weight, battery life and "the double polycarbonate shaft [that] gives a full length glow" on glometeors.

Ok, so considering they cost the same price, glometeors would seem more interesting if the glowing surface is really longer. But the aspect of the glopois differs according to the pics :

Non-Https Image Link

I scanned this one from a poster I've received with my globalls. Looks like what's said on the site : not full length glow.

But on the website I found this photo :

Non-Https Image Link

and they don't look the same. It seems these ones glow full length confused

Can anyone tell me what's the "real" glopoi ?

Thanks ubbrollsmile

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decide from these photos instead:

3 colour meteor

2 colour poi

cole. x

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Ok, the choice is even more complicated now biggrin

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As far as I am aware, the second photo is correct. It seems from the photos that "not full length glow" means that it's more like 2 lights than a solic block of light - Cole's photo links illustrate this.

I have some meteors and am very happy with them. They're very heavy, but that makes them feel durable.

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