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Hello everyone,

Basically just wondering where around Melbourne/Vic everyone is, if there are a few people around my area we might be able to catch up for twirling during the week or something?? ubbrollsmile

Rouge DragonBRONZE Member
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check out the threads under "events, performances and gatherings" there are a few melbourne ones. but apart from that i cant be more specific cos i'm a bit out of the scene at the moment,.

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melvn8rBRONZE Member
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Hey i'm from The outer east of Melb namely Mooroolbark area, you from where?

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I'm about 1.5 hours from melbourne

MokaGOLD Member
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ubblol ubblocoHey, I'm from um... Across the street... lol ubbloco ubblol

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hmm, realised how bad my description is...
I'm actually from Bendigo... is that any better?

pyrotekGOLD Member
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there's always wednesday nights somewhere in the middle of edinburgh gardens in fitzroy north (after 9pm) and sunday nights at alexandra gardens, across the road from the arts centre, just behind the hump with 3 trees (you'll know what i mean when you see it)

apparently there is a group that twirl at frankston beach as well but i have not had any contact with them, and i have heard rumours about a twirling circle at Ringwood Lake as well, but that was a couple years ago and i haven't heard about it since.

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