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for 3 and 4 12 catches counts as juggled

for 5 and above twice the number of catches as objects

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Written by: *Aime*

Written by: pre

No I'm not 13 all the kids in my grade are either 14 or 15 a few are 16 like myself in a few weeks.

So you were kept back a year?

no I wasn't but I'm not explaining my case

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offtopic My guess is that Pre's just one of the older ones in his year, like me - I have a September birthday so I've always been nearly a year older than a lot of the people in the same academic year. I've always thought it must be tough to be one of the people with an August birthday - being nearly a year younger's a big gap in your teens. My school also used to take in a few kids who were actually academically a year younger, so you could end up starting at 10, which seems very young. Mind you, the feeder school used to have boarders who were 6, which seems bordering on cruelty.

to live at all is miracle enough

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