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Posted:I went down to the market last week to find it was poi free! There was some kind of market just finishing so I reckoned that we had been ousted in their favour. Is it on tomorrow (dec6)?


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Posted:Yep, it's back on tomorrow.

There's a whole spitalfields thread lurking around here somewhere by the way - details of why where we were last week and the like are in there.

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Posted:Ello!! Very long time since I posted on this forum! Pleased to see the Spitalfields workshop is still going, might have to try and start coming along again once the weather gets a teeny bit warmer. My attention has been moved to kickboxing the last few months but I miss throwing large burning sticks around! biggrin

I shall put it back in my diary. biggrin

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Posted:Good to see you back Ali biggrin hug

The proper Spitz thread


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