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Posted:Can i sill spin fire at my houses one is in town and one is in the country if my town is under burn ban. I know it means like no camp fires and no grilling but fire spinnning is an artform and i just wanted to know if any one knows how to handle that type of situation. i go crazy without my daily spinning and most of the time when im spinning for friends or at a party we dont want the cops to come because of me. I tryed talking to the courthouse but they have no clue what im talking about and i explain and they freak out. do i have to have like papers saying i can spin. it's always bothered me.


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Where I live, one automatically needs approval from the firedepartment to spin fire. Even on the beach!!!
I never applied for a fire license though and mostly authorities leave us be. When they complain, we extinguish our toys and we get away with a slap on the wrist. And they only complain when the beachparties get too loud.
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Posted:i would say that fire spinning wouldn't be exempt from the fire ban, even if you argued to authorities that it's an artform. in australia the rules are that you can't have any fire in open air if it's not controlled. because of the nature of fire spinning, even if you are really sensible and safe about it, there is still some chance that it can become out of control. while the bans are on you may just have to settle to spinning without fire frown

here's a couple of links you might find some useful information in, although they're pretty old, you might find them relevant.


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Posted:Get some LEDs!

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