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the only poi peers i have is here at hop so i need the go ahead from you guys

I am going to make my fire poi,and on the day im going top wear damp jeans and long sleev shirt a damp hat and glasses, have a bucket of water and a wet towl ready for a friend to throw over me

i will only start of with weav and other basics, you guys approve?

If ther are any poi spinners out there in the sydney area and wana meet up, e-mail meh at benpietershawke(at)bigpond(dot)com

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Sounds sensible to me! How long have you been spinning?

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Im no expert but damp clothes conduct heat quicker than dry ones, you prob won't notice the difference tho but you will be damp. Just read the FAQs but i'm pretty sure your over prepared i've never caught fire, although i know someone who did it was so funny ... I mean distressing. Seriously parrfin doesnt burn very hot and as someone once wisely said you might as well burn your skin becasue you can't grow new clothes

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"have a bucket of water and a wet towl ready for a friend to throw over me"

I would suggest an improvement to that whereby your friend doesnt throw either the bucket of water or the wet towel over you unless you are on fire or have the chains trapped round you.


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There is a lot of debate over whether damp clothes are actually the best thing to wear, as you can get steam burns, which is worse than a normal burn.

More importantly - what fuel are you going to use?

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Spinning fire is not really as scary as you might think, You'll know what I mean after your first burn. smile

Spinning in damp clothing sucks, but having a friend spotting you, a friend who actually pays attention to you while your spinning that is, is really the best safety precaution you can take. That, and wearing fire friendly clothing.

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