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Is anyone by chance in the Tokyo Area of Japan or knows of someone who is in here. Thanks

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There's plenty.

Private message Yuta. Him and his friends run the poi group/forums in Tokyo.

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Wildfire/US East coast fire footage

LA/EDC glow/fire footage

Fresno fire

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Dont people get up really early in the morning in japan and do excersize in parks and things? Maybie poi will take off eventually, tht would be interesting to hear about lol

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Written by:

No spinners in Japan

If there weren't I wouldn't be so jealous these past few weeks.....

right cick/save as to enjoy Yuta's loveliness smile

Let's relight this forum ubblove

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Tempei is from Japan... but now he's over here.

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hi. i am japanese poi spinner desu smile

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Nice one Yuta!

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