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.:* Moon Pixie *:.Carpal \'Tunnel
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Hey lovely Moonfesties!*:.

Well, its that time again yummy fruits to feast on those hot humid days the smell of summer blossoms in the warm summer breeze Must be time for the SUMMER Moonfests!!!

The summer ones are always a bit bigger than the winter ones as people are more willing to come out from there snuggley warm homes and run around under the moonlight frolicking about on the beach*:.

So the Summer and 2006 Moonfest dates are::::::*

Dec Friday 16th (last for 2005)


January Sat 14th

February Mon 13th

March Wed 15th

April Fri 14th

May Sat 13th

June Mon 12th

July Tues 11th

August Wed 9th

September Fri 8th

October Sat 7th

November Sun 5th

December Tues 5th


January Wed 3rd

Moonfest is a drug and alcohol free gathering at Moora Park Shorncliffe foreshore. Every full moon from Sundown (or earlier in the arvo for a juggle jam play and picnic) Bring along your instruments, drums, fire toys (+ fuel & safety gear) twirly whirly toys and magick makers dress up.. Have a ballbring your friends, have fun and frolic under the luminous Moon and sparkling stars*: bring a picnic dinner, or grab a bight to eat from the local Caf on the Park Please take ALL your rubbish and belongings with you when you leave..:* Moonfest is for fun!*:. Come and BE the festival. Festive*all . ALL FESTIVE It is the beautiful people who come along each month that make this gathering such a gorgeous one so thank YOU beautiful people! Moonfest is growing into its 10th year!*:. It will be our 10 year anniversary this coming Spring Moonfest (Friday 8th September 2006) So a huge big thankyou to all of you for coming along each month and making this the amazing beautiful thing it has grown to be. ::::*

Other upcoming events

*:.Earthcore is this Saturday 3rd December

*:.Woodford Folk Festival 27th Dec 05 ~ 1st Jan 06 theres a cap on ticket sales for the first time this year and tickets are selling out fast!

*:.A couple of Earthy Gorgeous Goddessy Gatherings and camping like lovely things happening over this summer too gorgeous to mention in one sentence contact Gillian for more info (07) 5446 7470

*:.The Summer Solstice is 22nd December chances are there will be some lovely happenings around this time if not we should make one yeah?

So yeah there you have it a load of moonfest dates and a few fun things to do this summer have a happy Summer and hopefully well catch up along the way*:.

Summer blossoms, fresh fruit, and joyful juicy bits to you all!*:.

Love Elke .:*moonpixie*:.

EDITED_BY: .:* Moon Pixie *:. (1154653542)

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

Pogo69SILVER Member
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Location: limbo, Australia

yes... indeed I must... biggrin

I am one slack lil pogo... I'm going to toddle off and pm ya right now

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]

.:* Moon Pixie *:.Carpal \'Tunnel
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awww kwisty... such lovely beautful words ubblove

Pogo.... was I still slack ennough not to even say g'day *again* last festy? eek rolleyes what the hell is that matter with me shrug .... maybe you'll have to come glomp me next moonfest in between my wiggles all around the place heheheh .... I'm glad you found moonfest too biggrin and all the lovely lil moon munchikins that gather each full moon ....hnnnn biggrin

yeah Nelllllllfy! when are ya gonna come back and visit us huh flynty? huh huh? biggrin we miss YOU ubblove ....soon or now? *giggle* and yeah come dance in the circle with me lovely girl! .:*wiggle dances*:.

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

Pogo69SILVER Member
there's no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness
3,764 posts
Location: limbo, Australia

ahh, I know what you mean, pixie... I had an absolutely fabulous time yet again @ moonfest, but I'll confess to being a little overwhelmed @ times... I only caught up with and said hello to probably half the people I meant to and that probably meant missing dozens... it was so *HUGE*!!

I'll practise my glomping, cause I don't want to break anything that'll stop your wiggling (I'm very clumsy!!)

didn't say "hi" to you either ry rolleyes... bad pogo...

some many wonderful people and only one pogo to go around... eek thanks again, all, for making me feel so welcome hug ubblove

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]

ezzBRONZE Member
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Location: melbourne, australia

I am in brissie from july 27th -august 1st...I miss moonfest by 8 days(I think I can count)...daaang! frown

hug me!

~Leah~GOLD Member
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Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Ahem. *BUmp*

biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

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roarfireSILVER Member
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Location: The countryside, Australia

Who's up for a Common Ground to Moonfest trip?

*puts her hand up*


.All things are beautiful if we take the time to look.

ValuraSILVER Member
Mumma Hen
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

damn that would be great to see you all!! hug

TAJ "boat mummy." VALURA "yes sweetie you went on a boat, was daddy there with you?" TAJ "no, but monkey on boat" VALURA "well then sweetie, Daddy WAS there with you"

wolfbro001SILVER Member
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Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

hey guys, I'll be there again. just realised that I've been to 3 moonfests and haven't yet posted here. I was in the drumming circle last time doing some capoeira (I was the guy that got kicked in the face biggrin ) but I decided to tie my hair back now so i can see what's happening rather than kicking randomly :P come and introduce yourself. I usually hang out down the left hand side of the wall (near the tree) with pogo and jaron (not too far from where ry's set up i think.

see you all in a few weeks biggrin

margitaSILVER Member
.:*distracted by shiny things*:.
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Location: brizvegas, Australia

*squee* it's nearly moonfest again!! biggrin bounce

& i actually get to go this month cos i'll be working in brisvegas by then!!! YAY!!!

bounce bounce2 bounce bounce2 bounce

do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good to eat!

if at first you do succeed, try not to look too astonished!

smile! :grin: it confuses people!

steaksSILVER Member
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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

As I am planning to be around for the bulk of your next summer I feel it would be rude if I didn't attend at least one of these Moonfest events.

So expect to see me sometime there soaking up the rays and atmosphere biggrin bounce :bounce2 bounce bounce2

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DoctaGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

Has Moonfest been changed from Shorncliffe since there is construction works going on......?? Went down the last night (Sun Mar 4th) and couldn't see anyone.......... It was a full moon last night wasn't it???

Doc frown

newgabeSILVER Member
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Location: Bali, Australia

Indeed, Moonfest has not been happening there for sometime, and if you have a look at [Old link] you will see that they will not be starting up again. Not in the same place in the same way at least... there are other things happening in Bris, such as Firetricks meetings: but Shorncliffe Moonfest is now a beautiful memory..

.....Can't juggle balls but I sure as hell can juggle details....

DoctaGOLD Member
81 posts
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Yea thanks newgabe, after I posted I did a search (shock horror) and found all the answers to my questions.......


Doc smile

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