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Posted:Okay, hopefully that got some attention.

My friend wants to join in on the fire fun and thought that it might be fun to juggle fire heads. (Wearing whatever gloves are good for this) At first this thought sounded cool but then I wondered, why haven't I seen this done before???

I have a week to figure that out:

What dangers (above and beyond the danger of any fire performance) are there in juggling fire heads?

If there are no major dangers then what gloves would you recommend?

Thanks to anyone who can give me some answers!!

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Posted:They sell flaming juggling balls. Though I always found the gloves to be a bit too thin... I guess you really gotta keep them in the air.

I love and heavily advocate good welding gloves. I can hold a wick for a while and put them out if need be... And they're only about $10 for a decent pair.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


Posted:Great! Thanks for the info. Looks like my friend went ahead without me and ordered all the stuff anyways! So much for giving me two weeks to find out if it is safe or not! (Rolls eyes!)
Everybody just wants in with the fire one way or another! ;-)