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Location: Bournemouth, UK

Hi, I'd love to meet anyone from near bournemouth to learn and practice with...

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Location: Cornwall, United Kingdom

I believe there's a meet in Bournmouth on a Tuesday night, couldn't be sure though, I've never been myself ubblol

I'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct me if I'm talking rubbish!


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Location: In a van, United Kingdom

oh come on.... you so didnt do a search....

you could look [Old link]
[Old link]

or even.......

more specifically here...hope this helps!!

or pm me! lol

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36 posts
Location: Bournemouth, UK

Um, what can I say?!! I tried a search. I think I was looking in the wrong cupboard. Now, where did I put my marmite?...

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Location: Southampton - Possibly..., United Kingdom

Bournemouth tonight poiple.....

we will all be there......

will you?

juggle biggrin juggle

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