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Posted:okay, so I just made a new fire toy called the Paralellagram of Death. Originally titled Square of Death. Thought it would be cool to take a staff and add three more. So it is a four by four foot square with kevlar attached to the ends that stick out. I can do a lot of the same staff moves, balance it on my chin, jump rope with it etc. Has anyone ever heard of this or am I completely original? Can't believe no one has thought of this. Would love to see a video of someone using one but a google search on paralellagram of death yeild nothing. Thanks

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Posted:its been done, sorry to burst you bubble, i cant remember what its called, but people do it with cubes too

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Posted:some kind of a square hulla hoop ???


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Posted:Heres a link to one of the many cube threads.

This one has a very cool video too...

cube spinning thread

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Posted:Whoa, just checked out the vid of the cube. Cool. May have to add a little bit to the paralellagram of death. There are things you can do with the paralellagram that you cant do with a hula hoop. like balances and jumps.

Also think a little about this one. When I was a kid, my parents used to make me pick up pecans from our orchard all fall. Soon losing my attention for pecans I started doing 5 gallon bucket tricks. Holding it by the handle and spinning it on your palm, standing on top of it flipping offf, throws etc. I have also designed what I call the Pail of Death and set it on fire of course. Trying to find a pail that won't bend or melt yet is light enough not to give me a concussion when I accidently nail myself in the head. Thought it was funny that they talked about the dangers of popping yourself in the head with the cube as I have knots all over mine from the paralellagram. I had 6 concussions before turning 18 so I don't need anymore. Thanks for the help there guys. ubbloco


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