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I was wondering...When I first started twirling, one of the things that really seemed to help me was the idea of 'following the poi' rathr than forcing them along some path of my choice. In the early days I'd spend maybe half an hour just loosely swinging the chains, feeling their weight, their momentum, and learning how I could steer them within their own boundaries. For moves like the corkscrew, this seemed to work really well.Later, as I tried to learn weaves and so on, I found that I was tending more towards forcing, perhaps becausethe loops were tighter, or the changes in direction more acute. But these moves have never, ever been as smooth, or as satisfying, as the ones I learned by listening to the poi and doing what they asked.Has anyone else got any thoughts on this?mikeyB

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i tend to agree.Generally when spinnng poi (mood dependant),I like to adopt a more flowing, dancy style, which originated from me moving around, and trying to follow the poi. I find this techinique works better for me when spinning to slower tunes, and when in a relaxed mood. When the tunes get faster, i like to 'force' the poi into, as you put it: "more acute" changes in direction. These move to however can be practiced until they form a fluid, smooth routine, and i find them equally as satisfying.Nuff-luv.

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I know exactly what you mean. I find that as I get better, I can get the chains to change direction with less force. One barometer for me is how much noise my chains are making--if they stay taut and quiet, then I am smooth. If they are rattling, then I must be jerky.

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Yup! I think I know where you're coming from. Every time my hands learn a new move, I try and stop letting them do the work, relax completely and let the poi find their natural path within the move. It looks and feels ten times smoother and becomes so much more rhythmic. The other day it went a wee bit too far and I found myself stood there watching the poi do their stuff with seemingly no input from me at all - it was actually a teensy bit scary, especially when I started to automatically back off and the things kept following me! The really weird thing is that I was competely straight at the time...... wink Strange but true!Noods smile

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