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Miss Whippy
Location: Cornwall & Oxford
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Posted:Hi guys!

Well, im living in Oxford at the moment and will *hopefully* get a job working for Harper Collins in London during the summer, they seemed pretty happy that i approached them smile Heres the question, more for information at the moment than for a solid answer, would it be possible for me to, instead of commuting from oxford every day, stay a night or two every now and then on a hoppers sofa?

I have a place to stay in oxford for the entire summer but i was also wondering if you lot think its worth commuting or getting a temporary place in London for the summer? Im new to city life, my cornwall existance has not really prepared me smile

For a publishing student getting a job in Harper Collins is a dream come true so not taking the job (if i get it) is not an option.

thankyoo! hug

Beth xxx

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