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self heating toast: toast that after youve made it stays lovely and warm for aggggeees...

would be good i reckon smile

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roarfireSILVER Member
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Yeah! That would be good....mmm... smile

You've made me feel like toast now

*runs off to make some*
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I always reckoned the intelligent toaster from (was it red Dwarf or Hitch hikers??) was my ideal appliance. It prepares whatever you want mmmmmmm...
Ive always thought those traditional wedding present toaster racks are just wrong. Toast needs to be warm so it melts the butter...mmm..

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Would be even cooler if you could have toast that heats AND rub itself down with butters and jam!

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hmmmm yummy toast

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ilsanyamanic over a fence
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toast with promite, butter and a cup of tea

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VampyricAcidSILVER Member
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Written by: Alien_Concept

Would be even cooler if you could have toast that heats AND rub itself down with butters and jam!

or a ladie that does similar tongue
/lowering the tone

lol self heating toast would be cool, how would you get it to self heat?

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I'll have misread that then, I read it as: self eating toast.

What's the point of that, I thought! ubblol

*note to self: wake up before trying to read stuff!

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Pink...?BRONZE Member
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Red Dwarf Toaster would be cool. But slightly annoying i'd reckon

I hate it when toast gets cold. I like it nice and hot so whatever you choose to go on top gets slightly runny (like nutella)

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yeah, and microwaving toast to reheat it, is a bad bad idea... so self heating toast would be good, or else not even self heating, it would just need to retain the heat well... heat absorbing toast...

...hmmm, now i want toast too but i have no toaster and a crappy non-effective grill, dammit!!....

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DrBooBRONZE Member
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MMMmmmmm. Toast.

Yup. Toast racks are silly. When I was at school we used to sit from breakfast at long tables of about 20 of us, and there would be one rack of quarters of toast for each table. If you were lucky, every three or four days you'd get a quarter of a dry piece of toast. frown

No matter how hard you try and be healthy, the truth is the best toast ever is made with white bread. And loads of butter.
Or with cinamon sugar spinkled on it. Yum.

Would the Intelligent Toaster know what I want to eat even when I don't? (Which is the majority of the time)

Boo x

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Devilstick_RussellBRONZE Member
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I have a friend who eats half a loaf of bread in toast every morning for breakfast. Ironically he was from Hungary. Good old Zultan. P.s he is actually real

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thegreatBJWoman! Not gay Man!
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were you paid to do this by bread manifacturers? cos if so it worked... youve got everyone eating toast everytime they read this thread

has anyone ever had an outsmiser (thats not how you spell it by the way) its german food that has toast on the bottom then cheese then ham and then an egg on top and the cheese gets super melted (by the toast and the egg) and when you eat it the runny egg gets all soaked up by the toast and its beutiful... if you havent tried it i suggest you go make yourself one now... go on... off you go


IgirisujinSILVER Member
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Theres nothing wrong with white bread and butter, just as long as you dont eat too much of it.

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Bread is best with a whole load of Bacon in between!!
I'm sure Russel can agree with that?!?! (Mr Bacon Sarnie!)

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Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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mmmm, bacon and egg! or promite!

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I just had a 3 layered jam sandwich on wholemeal bread and toasted it in the George Foreman!!!! mmmmmmmmm

All that is solid melts into air

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