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I'm thinking of picking up a pair of glow poi, and I'm stuck between my two favorite options. the glow balls:


and the atoms:


I've use the balls before and I like them a lot (in the 7 color model). the atoms are still intriquing though. ubblove ubblove

if you've used both/either of them, what do you think? how do they hold up/spin/feel?

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mattpoiBRONZE Member
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dont get the atoms dont get the atoms dont get the atoms

my friend got the atoms. they look pretty hip online.. but... they are tiny tiny + weigh nothing + bad bad bad to spin with

+they like to go on and off.. always in a state of breaking

dont be fooled by the pretty picture + cheap price


those balls are nice :-)


MokaGOLD Member
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I concur, I've seen the atoms in action... NOT GOOD...
Go with the balls...
Cheers, Moka

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SniperBRONZE Member
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yeah atoms are garbage. you can probably buy them for a quid if you go round the clubs, look for the brightly lit hobos

Miranda (mewcat)BRONZE Member
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I think you guys are being unfair to Atoms! I have a set and have had no problems with them - they certainly stay switched on well and I think they look pretty funky. Their one problem is that they have an absolutely magnetic attraction for sand...it just sticks to them and stays there forever!

However, I would still go with the glow balls - I just like them better....

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GlitterBubbleSILVER Member
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I bought the Atoms because my other LED poi are hard and heavy and they hurt! Turns out that the Atoms are just as heavy too and when they hit they feel like you have been punched!!! Ouch!

I still think they are cooler to look at than the plain balls though....... why not lash out and get both??? Nothing wrong with variety and being greedy wink

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Miranda (mewcat)BRONZE Member
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GlitterBauble - I know just what you mean! I gave myself a black eye with an Atom. I like the way they look, though. My other glow balls are much softer silicone - much less painful.

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FireMeccaBRONZE Member
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I know this is a very late response to this thread, but someone pointed me to it after reaching it through Google. Just some additional info for anyone reading:

There are multiple atom LED toys out there. The main ones I have seen are some small necklace atom LED things that you can't change the batteries on, and some poi-sized LED Atoms that are like what we have, and that you can change the batteries on.

That''s pretty much it. Anyone with any question about the silicone balls or atom poi heads shoud let me know.


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FelixwahSILVER Member
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hey guys just thought i would add that the atoms and the alternaters can be bought rechargable now, i have a pair of the alternaters and they are mint, 1stly because they are re-chargeable, no more batteries! i hate them fiddly things and 2ndly they come with 2 leds in so the colours look a little mad and they a bit brighter than your standard glow poi. My friend had a pair of the re-chargable atoms and its the same dealio with them smile

here is a link if you wanna check em out. hope that helps :


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