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Peachi Petejourneyman
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Come to the second TRIBE OF FUNDANGO on Sunday 13th November 2-10pm
Nottingham Student Union Ballroom
N.B. later starting time - next one on 11 Dec.

First thing: the music policy this time is going to be much less pumping and quieter and more fun.
So apologies to those that thought it was a bit loud and hard last time. Lesson learnt.

And we have an extra room booked this time so there will be even more space for all types of juggling.
There was plenty of room last time too. So come along even if you dont do clubs. Lots of POI and STAFF happening wink

The theme this month is CLUB JUGGLING and CLUB PASSING and a list of the workshops is given below (more details to follow).
VOLLY CLUB court available all day - competitions organised.
There will also be begginners and intermediate POI and STAFF spinning classes going on all day courtesy of Field of Fire.

The shedule is:
2pm doors open - volly club available all day.
3-7pm workshops
4-7pm food hall open
7-8pm games and demonstrations
8-10pm general juggle to silly music with some good videos being shown
10pm onwards - carry on back at my place

Come one come all come have a a club.. and some poi too actually
See you next weekend wink
Cheese, Peachi

Workshops for 13th November
* Begginners and intermediate Poi w/shops with G and Smit - Fields of Fire Posse

* Begginners staff and intermediate trick swap with G and Smit - Fields of Fire Posse

* 2-3 Club Passing Workshops by Tarim and Mandy
Going from the interesting to the sublime to the mind meltingly tricky
For people who are confident passing with both hands.
Workshops will be organised to suit standard of people attending as Tarim
doesn't know what intermediate and advanced really means - fair enough wink
The last workshop will probably be a 3+ people passing one and may merge
with some silly games in the main hall.

* Club Juggling with Jamie
3 clubs different throws (intermediate). This will
include full spins, half spins, reverse spins, flats,
slap backs, body throws (back crosses and under leg),
kick-ups and overheads.

* Club Juggling with Mad (platinum) Martin - local hero
423, 522 and (4x,2) OR how to add nice little flourishy
bits to your juggling, beginners to advanced" - This workshop will explore
ways to create space in your 3 club pattern enabling you to get really
creative with flourishes, snappy throws and body moves mid-juggle. Intended
to be part workshop, part trick-share.

* Numbers Club Juggling with Mad (platinum) Martin - local hero
learning techniques for 4-5 clubs

* Club stealing with Andy and Andy the Derby Twins
Three clubs with four hands and hats and other things.

* Beginners club passing for those who can hold a cascade
Probably by me and mad or andy or someone else

SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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Sadly I don't think I can make it this time but I'd like to recommend that everyone that can go, goes to TRIBE OF FUNDANGO.

Peachi and all the rest of the crew made the first one so much fun. It was a day spent dancing, playing and learning, but most of all it was just a day to kick back and have lots and lots of fun!

Feed me Chocolate!!! Feed me NOW!

_G_SILVER Member
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Location: Paris, United Kingdom

Yay more cheesy fundangoy goodness and i still have my flaming fondue t-shirt so I will deffinately be wearing that
Should be an awesome afternoon/evening of fun and also at a convenient time for arriving after attending Sheffield PIP *hint

Sorry you can't make it this time Skully, we had lots of fun last time I seem to remember smile

See all of you who can make it there.


You can spend hours playing with minutes!

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Peachi Petejourneyman
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Yes sorry to hear you cant make it skully but glad you liked the first one. Hopefully more of the same.

Cheese, Peachi

duballstarSILVER Member
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i'm comin peachi!! biggrin just haven't had any credit on my phone to tell you that... rolleyes

anyway, if it's anything like the last one it should be a corker... can't wait! biggrin juggle

oh.. an what's wrong with loud and hard? s'better to juggle to... wink
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lauz the caterpillagoddess of all things slimey and an interchangeable insect!
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Location: nottingham - the land of opportunity lol!

i may come along for a bit (this weekend you've chosen i have three parties (b days) to attend) if i'm not very drunk that is biggrin
hopefully will be coming along

Shhhhhh! the boobies are trying to sleep.
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Location: nottingham

hey, can anybody tell me how the hell to get there?

lauz the caterpillagoddess of all things slimey and an interchangeable insect!
2,443 posts
Location: nottingham - the land of opportunity lol!

get on a 35 bus and get of the stop after qmc and go into the campus and look for signs or tag along to another person who knows how to get there biggrin

Shhhhhh! the boobies are trying to sleep.
owner and the property of noddy.
*i was a caterpilla last night wink* - libby_tuesday

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