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Hello all,

First off, I checked the FAQs and did several searches for the keywords I'm about to ask about. Apologies if this topic has been discussed before - I checked and could not find anything about it on HoP.

I'd like to make a metal sculpture of a circle, wrap it in kevlar and light it on fire.

Picture a giant standing donut on fire. The middle will be hollow. I'll make a stand that it will fit into.

**What kind of metal should I use?**

I'd like to reuse this sculpture. The metal should be bendable so that I can make a circle.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.


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All the 3d fire sculptures that I use / make generally use 4 / 5 mm mild steel single strand wire shich is the shaped to the design required, kevlar is then wired to the this, if the sculpture is particularly large or unstable then the whole construction is 'hung' attached to an alluminiun cross(s) which are staked into the ground and supported with wire guys where required.


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Hmmm... If I remenber my basic construction courses right, I would also prefer mild steel, as Marco suggested, beacuse I think aluminium will weaken much earlier when heated than mild steel. Another advantage: You can quite easily weld steel and bend it using a blowtorch.

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Agreed, aluminum isn't exactly the strongest material, it is lighter but nowhere near as strong, and not as durable under heat. You don't want your whole piece falling apart if it cooks too long. Making a giant donut out of steel that can be lit up and reused shouldn't be that difficult if you've got some metal working experience. How big is "giant"?

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