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Posted:I am wondering if any of you know where I might aquire a license to perform in public..... To my understanding a license is required to do so in the state of Ohio..... (where I live)

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Posted:A license for what exactly? You might need a fire permit of some sort, in which case, talk with a fire martial. You might need a revenue license of some sort, in which case.. uhmm.. I forget who to talk with about that.. some collection of bureaucrats, there's a previous thread that has hints.. use the search option at the top.

Also, would be another good starting point. But, please, use the search option.

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Posted:Check with nafaa... you are technically supposed to have a license for fire...

You should review (ii) 3320.3.1.2 Flame effects exhibitor; (L) Section 3312 Flame effects permit

You need to have this from the fire department in the area you are performing.


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