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Posted:ok we all know the music gets looped on them. My daughters new magic roundabout DVD is on in her bedroom - she's in the lounge watching TV, so I have kylie singing the magic roundabout over n over n over, its starting to grate on my nerves!
Anyone have 13 ghosts on DVD? well I'll tell you this, if you watch it, make sure you dont fall asleep to it as the music on the menu is soooo spooky. I did this once, a had very creepy nightmare, I woke up with a start and all I could hear was that track being played. The player is hooked to the amplifier and the tv had been timed to go off, but of course the DVD kept running, and honest to god i nearly crapped myself with fright! eek eek eek
So for skid free pyjamas, switch off the amplifier before bedtime!

Always use "so's your face" and "only on Tuesdays" in as many conversations possible

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