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Hi there people of OZ

Hope youre well and enjoying your summer - I am so looking forward to getting over to join you - its grey and cold and wet here in the K!!

Anyway - the good news is that SOLAR - our Fire Troupe shall be arriving in Sydney on the 30/12 before heading upto Eartcore near Briz on the 2/11 and then basing ourselves in Byron Bay for a few months, before heading back down to Sydney to do the Public Show of the Convention in January. Well thats the tour plan at the moment - alhtough as we all know - plans can and do change ubbrollsmile

Anyway - we shall be requiring a vehicle to turn into the SOLAR mobile and transport us, all our equipment and P.A. all over your lovely country. Quite possibly we shall need camping and cooking equipment also. - So the ask!!: wink

Does anyone know of some lovely person/people ubbangel who may have any of the above for sale, rent, lending or giving!! hugAlternatively if we cant get a vehicle for the 1st part of our journey to Brisbane on the 1/12 is there anyone on their way there fomr Sydney who could give us a lift!! biggrin

Any and all help will be gratefully recieved and some free workshops exchanged for your good energy

So put the thinking caps on and see if you can help us to entertain you ubbangel's

Thanks alot

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You can rent these vans called by a mob called "Wicked" that are mostly old Combi vans that all the backpackers use and can be rented for bout 40AUD a day if u get them for a while.

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