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Posted:I just got home from the last day of Sukkot (The Feast of Tabernacles) where we all went out and camped for 8 days. Over the last few weeks I have learned most of the basic poi moves, and have started teaching them to a lot of the kids in our congregation. One guy has made two sets of his own poi, the second one was made with dog leash chains, finger straps, and glow-in-the-dark chew toys.

In preperation for Sukkot, I went out and bought a package of tube socks, a bag of tennis balls, and a couple of rolls of ribbon. With these, I was able to make 6 sets of sock poi with ribbons, which I let everyone use. They were a huge hit.

I had bought some ball-chain poi from this site, and have been pleased with them. However, I found that simply putting tennis balls in tube socks made some really great poi. They move slower, and are good for learning new moves on (which I was then able to do on the chain poi).

Our congregation does "Davidic Dancing" during the praise and worship part of our services, which is a form of dance decended from traditional Hebrew folk dances. In the past, flag and streamers have been incorporated into various dance routines. I decided to try my new sock poi (with ribbons) during the dancing, and found that it worked pretty well. A lady that organizes a lot of the dances has asked me about incorporating them into preplanned routines.

Meanwhile, my 1 1/2 year old daughter escaped twice from our campsite, and I grew worried about her safety. I went out and bought her a leash to hook to her belt, and found it to be a great way to keep her from running off. I had always thought that leashes for children sounded a bit cruel, but now that Ive learned how fast a toddler can escape into the woods and out of sight Ive changed my mind.

Having the baby on the end of a 20 foot leash reminded me of a movie in which Jet Li ties his son to the end of a rope and uses him, rope dart style, to fight the villains. I decided I should probably practice with something inanimate before I tried it with my daughter, so I put two tennis balls in a sock and tied it on the end of a rope. My improvised rope dart has turned out to be a lot of fun since then. I like it because I can use a lot of poi moves with it when its short, but I can also let it out and get some big, flowing moves that wrap around the body.

I consulted a friend of mine who teaches martial arts to see if he knew any good moves. He said he had never used a rope dart, or seen one used in a competition. The closest things he had seen were a whip chain and some other device he did not know the name of. He described it as half a nunchuck (also known as a stick) on the end of a long rope. If anyone knows what this weapon is called, please tell me.

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Posted:Wow, sounds like a great time! I'm totally cut off from any community here and ver unhappy about it :/
It sounds like your congregation has done some really fun things... and sock poi are like the biggest thing ever in britain, they even sell things like sock poi made of more durable not over stretcy material and stuff smile

I don't know tha weapon name, unfortunetly.

I need more dancing....


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