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think this is going to be a half rant half disscusion type of post

rant part:
many staffer today only seem interested in learning contact and not how to spin. This might sound stange coming for me as i generally spends most of my time with a staff rolling over one part of my body or another but I it is important to know how to spin properly a fluidly.

When you spin fire in front of people that don't know much about staff if you go straight into contact they won't have a clue how hard it is and cos it's so hard to keep in plane it just looks wobbly and generally pants. Also you have to hold the staff at some point (well maybe) and if you can't spin fluidly when you do it just makes you look like a really bad spinner.

the other thing is that spinning a staff fast is an art, it's not easy to do well, it look grate when it is done well and if you don't pratice it you'll never be able to do it.

The times I've got best responce from a crowd the burn normally goes abit like: big burn off, 1 min of just nice spinning, next min start teasing them with afew contact move, next 30sec or so do some big fat contact combs then end it with some nice fast spining and afew throws.

right thats the rant over with the disscusion part is carrying on in the same vane. what spinning moves do you like?

i'll start you off with afew

2 beat stuff: thumb end stays in front of you little fingure end behind you, this stuff is grate for looking silly (alway a good thing) eshally by doing lots of turns by shuffulling you feet round in as many tiny step as you can get away with. also twisting your self up with extra spins then staying twisted by going into 2beat spinning biggrin

carrying an extra spin over your head: bit of a hard one to explain, basicly from backward figure of 8 when the staff is behind you bring your arm over your head (so your head goes into the space between your arm and the staff) this will give you an extra beat behind you. this looks really nice when done smoothly.

ok am going to shut up now hope this has made sense.
thought and comment welcome.

Maybe I should change this too something abit nicer, humm no I still think your all Ccensoredt

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b0ll0cks thought I was in the staff section oh well maybe you poi swinger will learn something nana

Maybe I should change this too something abit nicer, humm no I still think your all Ccensoredt

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I totally agree that one should learn to spin rather than just learn contact.. that's what poi is all about wink there.. point taken.. transition made.. ubblol beerchug

More useless information courtesy of Rev...
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ha ha contact staff is the only bit that interests me, whether i'm doing it or watching it. Although i'm starting to see the attraction of doubles.

If you wanna have a spin grab some poi wink

If you fancy some contact without the bounciness, then grab a staff

And if you're feeling brave, grab a meteor...

I agree that it's all too easy for a new staff spinner to focus only on contact, but so what. There must have been a time when the jugglers said the same out CJ'ers.

Just the same as there's no real reason why someone starting poi shouldn't head straight for wibbles.

For an all round great performance perhaps it's good to have some all round skills, but to push the artform forward i'd suggest that the freshest ideas come from the noobies, ignorance is bliss afterall.


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tech/performance debate *yawn*

actually i did some 'showing off' pof tech stuff tonight, I hated doing it.

I need to dance, but thats for me.

I need to learn new and harder tricks, but thats for me too.

I need to impress an audence enough so that they pay me, but thats totally for me.

tree diffrent outcomes, but its all about what i want to do and need to get from my spinning.

for peaple with such and intimate understanding of the dynamics of circles, we do seem to always ask the same qusetions...

T wave

no dis intended, just points. (hop points?) wink ubblove hug

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"Dance, Learn and Impress."

Its perfect, nice done Tom wink



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i've just begun myself.... and the contact stuff looks pretty cool, but the fluidity and feeling of peace i get when the staff is spinning so smooth and even... it's amazing. although i do look forward to when i can do little bits of contact stuff here and there just to mix it up.

love to spin staff.
poi is nice... but staff is hooj.

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It's all about the pointy toes, I've been through tech and out the other side many times but it always comes down to prancing about like a fairy


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Written by: TheApprovingNinja

but it always comes down to prancing about like a fairy

I didn't know fairys had triple jointed thumbs ubbrollsmile

Maybe I should change this too something abit nicer, humm no I still think your all Ccensoredt

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Written by: [Nx?


tech/performance debate *yawn*

No, nothing like. Thus speaks a tom who doesn't know how to spin technical while using his hands tongue

You should come to london, stay with me and joncof, come to spitz, and see Dsad's new Heisenberg-Figure8s. That'd learn you biggrin

Manipulation of centre of rotation to create odd patterns is where it's at. Contact is boring old hat tongue i'm still yet to see clean planes on a horizontal move (well, maybe a couple of exceptions, but meg and drew don't count) so i don't see how spinning can be held up as less technical when it's generally performed to a much higher standard of tech cleanliness.

hug for t&b
good thread. i like spinning smile

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Back to work monkey man!


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free spinning is beautiful.
contact is beautiful.

can not a single routine contain elements of both?
it would be fruitful to concentrate less on individual movement styles and more on the overall direction and flow of the routine in it's entirely. There is a sense of deliberateness, forethought in a fluid routine.

the seamless transitions between contact and free spinning are just as important to flow and require good working knowledge of both families of movements.

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Matt: I need to know this for my own sake.
What do you do with your hair for halos and stuff?
i cant do any of it with my bundle of dreads on my head...its driving me crazy, i really want to learn contact staff and not have to look like an idiot while doing it smile
If anyone else has any advice, please share.

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try either tying up so your head looks a bit like a pineapple or tying it as low as possible and deliberatly rolling the staff over your dreads. This way you can do a kinda 'dread roll' but you have to tip your head right back.
Or do what i do now and just cut them to shoulder length.

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