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Posted:u start with a horizontal neck roll from the left hand side. then lean to the left with your head as the staff continues to rotate, if ur head is down low enough the staff should slip onto your right temple and then with a quick tilt of the head (similar to a temple to head stall in hacky) you can get the staff rotating on your forehead. From there theoretically you can make the same tilt to your left temple and again down to your neck, i havent got that far yet but if someone does, tell me. You can also with a harder thrust of the head throw the staff up so it spins horizontally from your temple. it looks pretty cool, an eazier way of throwing the staff with your head is to lean forward in the middle of a normal neck roll (horizontal) and let it slide down your neck until it reaches your head, at which point you launch upwards, a jump sometimes helps with both moves. If youve got some solid dreads in a ponytail you can also sometimes get the staff to rotate around them before it launches which looks ridiculously cool. \-:)-/

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Posted:I don't have dreads. frown

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Posted:don't think you can classify contact as single moves anymore, where does one end and the other begin? but the theory sounds gd, let us know how it goes, lol


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Posted:there's a difference between a move and a combo.
it's to do with havin dreds or not.

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Posted:there are no moves only spoons

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Posted:so much text... eyes hurt.....

might you consider breaking that up a bit an2?

And meg, what do you need dreads for? Your hair = mop and mop bits = dreads, near enough....

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Posted:Sounds like a cool new move to me, got a name for it (and maybe a clip)?

I don't have dreads, but my hair is pretty long. I always stick it in a bun when i'm practicing, and sometimes when I'm practicing the pivot the stick'll turn around the hair instead of the neck. I wouldnt call it a move cause I have absolutely no control over it, or do it on purpose for that matter. *Sigh* Some day its gonna bug me enough to make me shave my head.

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Posted:Sounds good.
a bit like a head spin but cooler with more head movement.
ive been trying to do a dread roll recently, a bit like a snes or a jesus but using a bunch of dreads instead of your back.
There is also the very silly move i came up with a while ago, the nose roll, basicly the same with your nose.
i dont recomend trying it too much cos it hurts quite a bit but its good for amusing your friends biggrin

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