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Posted:Im sat here at gayles house eatting bacon sarnies!! we are just waiting to go and see flame oz!!

oh... here comes another cup of tea!

yummy.... strugz is playing with very pink hyperloop toys, he looks lovely, really he does!!

so who's internet have u hijacked lately?

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Posted:Written by: Frodo

Im sat here at gayles house eatting bacon sarnies!

Still representing for O.B.E.S.E.

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Posted:Hope you're all having a great time biggrin

Hugs all round grouphug

Miss you guys!

Getting to the other side smile


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Posted:Technically i am hijacking my housemates computer, but its OUR net connection lol, only one plug hole as yet.

Sitting remembering last nights fishseeksbicycle doo, cant wait for piccs to come up ubblol

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