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For any poi/staff twirlers that have been in Asia or been to any of the european conventions, there is a good chance that you have met the 3 crazy french guys Jay, Jerome and stephan. These 3 guys are maybe the best in the world for poi and staff skills.

The guys will be in London and will give a workshop on October 29th and 30th. The workshop will take place at Project 142 in Hackney, London. Project 142 is a community project with an amzing space for a workshop. There are 2 big warehouse spaces as well as an outside area. This is all set in an old victorian factory complex.

The guys specialise in contact staff/contact double staff and serious poi tricks.They both have serious martial arts skills which come through in their teaching of these skills. The style of how to play is also so important.They are doing things that for sure nobody else is doing. With poi they will be able to teach isolation from beginer to advanced, throwing plus loads more. They will also teach contact staff from beginer to advanced. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the best in the world.

The workshop is also availiable for complete beginers in poi and staff and there will be lots of people to assist with all levels. There will also be workshops in other skills such as fire whip and fire fans. All skills are welcome.

The workshop will run from 10am to 5pm( ish )on both days. On a sunday night Project 142 runs a party called Sundelic. There will be live bands, djs and food. The french guys will also do there Fire Fantasy show which will be killa. People from the workshop will be able to stay on sunday night and enjoy the party.

To register or for more info e-mail

The price will be around £7.50 per day or £10 for the weekend.

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Written by: strugz

Ill apologise now for turning up and being half asleep ubblol

& ill apologise again for not turning up at all ubblol

*grumble grumble*



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Yo I don't know about who's 'the best' whatever that means but having been to this thing the first day I can say I learned more in 3 hours than in the previous 3 months :-) There's a serious 'hundred monkeys' atmosphere - I finished off a bunch of half-learned moves just by being inspired.. and the guys have some sharp contact skills.


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