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Posted:Basically two of the best new trance labels (Nano and Alchmey) are clubbing together for the launch party of Protoculture and Freakualizer's new albums with live sets an Shane Gobi, Ans an Spencer DJing and Youth (LSD) doing the chill out. Nano is the main label behind the Glade festival so i'd expect it to be a good party an i've been waiting for another Protoculture album ever since i got me paws on the first one so the music should be awesome... anyone interested? umm

biggrin bounce ubbloco

edit: just found the website clickyclicky wink

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Posted:smile Sounds good. And Stratford Rex is sooooooo close smile
All depends on money though - which is pretty tight at the mo frown

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Posted:as im in bristol im going to tribe of frog i reckon, but i wanna go to this toooo.. dammit bounce

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Posted:I'm not allowed to fly away every weekend *sigh* so must rest my bouncing fairy feet for a while............ ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Seriously good lineup so yes I'll probably be there.

Just a shame it's Stratford Rex for me cos it's right the other side of London, and I hate those stairs!


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