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So I have been CJing for almost 4 years now, and I've just gotten my 10 minute routine down cold to the point where I can do it blindfolded. I promised myself that once I had the 2 min, seven minute and 10 minute routines down cold, I would start working on poi again, so here I am.

I have been spinning for about a month now, and I can:
cary turns
reel turns (hip and shoulder)
"chasing the sun"
3beat weave (forwards and back)
and I can go from 3b weave forwards to 3b weave backwards easilly.

But about 2 weeks ago, I stopped making progress, I figured it if I just kept trying new stuff I would get it, but I haven't. I've been keeping myself entertained with glowpoi, and some flagpoi, but I need to move on.

I have been working on threading the needle, the double butterfly, 3b btb and the 5beat weave (most I can do is a shaky 4beat with my primary hand). It seems that I know exactally what to do, and I know what my hands should be doing, they just won't do them.

Any advice and or help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the community and thanks for your time smile

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As a contact juggler you should know that its just gonna take more practice. Did you have that many moves with a ball one month after starting?

Like you said, you know what you need to do... So practice practice practice. It will come when youre ready for it.

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While you figure out what you want to do next, I suggest learning something incredibly easy that will open up some things for you.. the 4bt ttn.. all you really need to know is a butterfly and a giant butterfly..

start with a normal butterfly..
then do a giant butterfly circle with the right hand while spinning a normal circle with the left hand...
when the right hand reaches about 6:00, (probably touching the left arm) start doing a normal sized circle with the right hand, while the left hand does a giant butterfly circle. .

as you get more comfortable you can do it with only normal sized circles, but it does wonders in helping you pick up the motions..

it should open up your major opposite direction threading patterns like butterfly weaving and other nifty pattterns.. so it should give you something to practice while you are trying to figure out what path you want to go down next..

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my advice would be to -- 1.) find a place where you can watch spinners who you think are better than you.. and 2.) buy circles of light 6 biggrin

instant inspiration!
whether its a certain move or combination of moves, little things about their style + how they move with the poi, whatever.. its like everything's gonna be new again, and you'll be extremely happy to go out in your back yard or wherever you practice and try new stuff smile


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Or Buy Michel Kahns book!

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work on your balance. not the kind such as walking a tightrope. but your own internal and external balance in your body and mind. never expect to just do something because you 'think' you know what you're doing. leave that to the politicians. congress is the opposite of progress.

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like what icon said its all about practice....when u've done the move enough times you create muscle memory so u can do it without thinking... from my experience u cant force it, it just comes with time...

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