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so the horizontal buzzsaw looks cool but i have no clue how to start it or what moves it can be changed to

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Start with vertical buzzsaw then try to turn it sideways, then back to vertical and then onto its other side. Simple drill that should help you just throw it straight into horo (eventually)

It can be changed into corkscrew

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Buzzsaw flowers (which i havnt got horo yet) and outside flowers go real well together.

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if you can do good small corkscrews (buzzsaw length, just over and under your arms instead of up high over your head and such) you can do some really wicked buzzsaw spins in between. Its rather a glowstringer thing more in my opinion (which is why i like it, cuz i love stringing) but you can do a horizontal corkscrew out in front of you and then right in the middle of a meat drop to inside horizontal buzzsaw. (like you were doing front 3bt weave and just stopping your hands in the middle, inside your arms, and did abuzzsaw). Then you can pop back out into corkscrew again and do a flail, or single beat flower, or even spin with it. looks really cool. (do a hor. corkscrew and on one beat pull both arms to the outside instead of just crossing over. Poi will flail out on an outside circle then you can bring back into hor. corkscrew or buzsaw.)

the key to hor. buzzsaw is getting your forearms outa the way. sometimes helps to use a bit shorter string/chain then you normally would for this so you can bend your arms a bit more.

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I agree, you need to make sure your arms are arched enough to allow the poi to pass inbetween them, imagine you're holding your arms around a big ball, then rotate them until one is directly above the other, and you should find the right sort of position. Then practice changing between buzzsaw and corkscrew and back again, also it is handy to practice moving and turning whilst in the buzzsaw (and corkscrew) so you're not spinning stuck to the same spot. The hardest part is finding a smooth transition from the vertical plane to the horizontal (going the other way is easier), and this is why it is important to follow dragons advice, and drill changing from vertical to horizontal.

Other than that, I assume you know that buzzsaws are spun inside the arms on short strings in the same direction split time for the most basic buzzsaw. Good Luck!

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What everyone else said, plus....

You may find it easier to spin one direction than the other, I know I do. I find it works better to have the poi spinning horizontally with them going across my chest to the right. When viewed from the top, this direction would be called counterclockwise, but it's best to practice this move in both directions, even though you may only perform it in the direction you find easiest.

Switching between right hand on top and left hand on top is a good move to practice, it's sort of a little flip and once you get the hang of this, you'll have the freedom to stop that little corkscrew in front of you at any time you wish. I think Mot's has a tutorial on this. Practice bending your legs and taking this move low, as close to the ground as possible, go into the small corkscrew and stand back up while turning if you wish.

You can even pull that small corkscrew apart by spreading your arms if you wish and either go back into the small corkscrew, or horizontal buzzsaw. Taming Fire has a tutorial on this.

I practiced this move indoors on rainy days with sock poi so pinching my chains wouldn't chew up my fingers but when I started doing it with glowsticks, I found the lighter weight alot more difficult to control and as a result, I discovered atoms. Sloppy technique can have it's benefits

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thanks guys, my biceps are getting pretty bruised up but im getting better

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