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although most probably I'm beaten

And the question is...

Wait for it..

How many people have you taught poi to?

I can offcially say I have taught 33 different people.

but what about you all! can you say your class is bigger than mine! if so reply!

(I am so going to be killed at this game!) hehe

I need a signature thingy.

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Posted:I lost count ages ago...

Although I only did my first proper workshop in Hastings a few weeks ago. Taught a bunch of people flowers, and showed them that they are fun things to play around with and that there are some cool variations. As to how many absorbed the knowledge, I'm not sure...

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Posted:i haven't taught anyone and i can hardly spin, but i've named 2 moves people do and the names have caught on smile

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Posted:I've probably only taught a couple of moves to about 10-12...

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Posted:IT's not about the quantity of people it's a bit more personal that that !.

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