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Posted:I want to make some practice poi for my friends kids, and I've found everything I need except for some non-rip nylon in a nice colour. My local fabric shop only has white and I can't find anywhere on-line that sells it. Can anyone recommend a good supplier? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Posted:Try going to a kite shop or similar, they often sell the stuff for making kites from.

Funnily enough, when I was looking for some, white was about the only colour I couldn't find! ubblol

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Posted:Its normally called ripstop nylon which may help when you are searching

These people are really good

you have to phone through your order but they are really helpful and will answer any questions


fabric page is here http://www.kiteworks.co.uk/Fabrics.shtml
the best stuff is at the top of the page 3 a metre

I order from them all the time, they deliver super quickly (normally next day) and they are always generous with their measurements

Hope that helps


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