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i have been experimenting with wraps ALOT lately and it has caused me to shorten my strings a great deal. this enabled me to learn the buzzsaw, but i have a problem. i was using the single finger loop handle but my strings hit my knuckles when doing the buzzsaw so i tried wrapping and pinching my strings confused but now cant do the spiral wrap nearly as well... n e suggestions?

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Easy, just wrap and pinch to shorten your strings when you're doing the buzzsaw but let them out to full length when you want to do a spiral wrap.

I find going from shortened strings into a spiral wrap difficult, and not worth doing as the wrap seems to loose much of it's effect with short strings.

Try three beat weave on one side of your body, go into the spiral wrap directly in front of you and exit into the same weave, but on the other side of your body. You can do this with a full 180 degree turn instead and the effect is much the same,,, big circles-> tiny circle-> big circles

Or.......weave in front of you, and do the spiral off to one side of your body and return to your weave, but this time obviously going in the other direction.

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Wrap for some moves, unwrap for others? It's all about learning to wrap'n'pinch and release/unwrap seamlessly during the spin. Workin on that m'self right now..

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the best advice that anyone can give you is to learn the buzzsaw with your strings not pinched and learn to wrap with your strings pinched (yes I know thats the opposite of what you said you can do).. trust me.. you'll thank me later...

eventually you will get to the point where none of this will matter, and the sooner you get comfortable spinning in ways that you might not normallty spin, the better off you'll be..

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dunno if i'm any help, but my approach to all this is not to pinch at all really. if i wanna shorten the strings up i just hit a revers 2bt weave for a second and let em wrap my hands the appropiate number of times, but on the last wrap around I pull 2 fingers in, so that the string ends up coming out of my hands either between my middle and ring finger or between my index and middle, then I can just flip my hands inward and buzzsaw, then a quick release to get back to full string length.

but thats just me. occasionally i pinch em off if i wanna do something complex that i need that extra little bit of control for, but mostly just between the fingers.

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Easy, just wrap and pinch to shorten your strings when you're doing the buzzsaw but let them out to full length when you want to do a spiral wrap.

I agree, hand wraps are good and take awhile to master.

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thanks guys you helped alot. ive now found three good ways to change lengths during my routine

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