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Posted: okay so heres my story.....

I'm taking the bus to downtown... just a regular bus. I have my Fire Poi in a plastic bag, in a "use-to-be" gym bag. okay... so i step on the bus and the bus driver asks me... 'whats in the bag' and i was like my fire performing things... and he said, get out of this bus, you should be doing this and you are going to get everyone sick..... LIKE SERIOUSLY THERE WAS NO SMELL OF FUEL.... oh and get this... there was only 3 people on the fricken bus. SO he kicks me off the bus. The Taxi driver was the same too... i tried taking a cab but said "no, if i smell it and get sick, we'd get into a car accident"..... STUPID BASTARDS!!?!?!? ARHG

now what?? airlines... how am I going to get on to the fucking airlines now? geevus... okay i'm done my ranting and bitching

hrm... lets burn stuff.... jah!

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Posted:Kill 3 or 4 execytion style and send a note to the police saying why they've been killed.

Soon everyone will be 2 scared to kickj u off the bus

Just a thought.....

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Posted:While I can sympathise that this is an annoying situation to be in, I also have a question for you. If there was no smell of fuel how come the bus driver and the cab driver both mentioned it?

Maybe you are immune to the fuel smell. I know I am when I've been in contact with fuel.

People smell fumes and get scared they are going to get blown up, which is just their self preservation instict kicking in.

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Posted:Hmmm, Thistle has a very good point. I find it really odd that both drivers mentioned the smell and getting sick wihtout any prompting.

Or are you known to them from previous occasions? What may have happened is that you had a much stronger smell in the past that did make people sick, or another firey did the same thing.

Attitude is usually the clincher though. Were you nice and polite to both drivers? Or perhaps you became a little upset and defensive when they asked you what was in the bag.

I still use the bus on ocassion during my busking sessions in Aotea Square in central Auckland.

I always make a point of smiling at the bus driver, say a few words about how exhausted I am coz I've spent the last five hours entertaining people in the city and (if I don't know the driver) asking if I can sit at the back and open a window.

This shows the driver that I am friendly.

And that I'm not trying to 'sneak' my gear onto the bus without the driver's consent.

And that I'm approachable and aware of the possibility that others may find the smell off-putting

And that I'm willingly to do something about it.

I've never had trouble with drivers ever, even when i used to use kero instead of pegasol (BIG smell difference).

Let us know how the actual exchange went, rather than just the end result (i.e. you were ordered off the bus).

What we all need to be aware of too, is that most people have a rational fear of fire. ITS THEIR RIGHT TO BE SCARED AND AFRIAD OF IT. Just because we know it's ok and safe to to transport our fuel around doesn't mean we can force others into situations where they feel uncomfortable.

WE are the odd ones out, and we have to expect misunderstandings. No, it doesn't seem fair, but thats one of the prices we pay for our unusual hobby (or career).

My two cents anyway.

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