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Ok, i've been doing poi for about 4/5 days and i can do butterfly alternate butterfly, weave 5 beat weave and all the stuff and now I'm stuck, cus i can't doing nefink behind my back confused, really really need some help to improve. Any help most appreicheated. Thx

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Behind the back isnt necessarily what you need. There are infinate things you can do with even just one of the moves you mentioned. I suggest just chilling out for a while. Just play with what you have and more will come naturally. Youve only been doing it for 5 days... Youre hardly stuck.

I also suggest actually reading through these forums as everyone here has been talking about all sorts of different moves for the past few years. Lots of info to be read through. The videos forum may prove to be an inspiration as well.

Slow down, take your time, enjoy being where youre at... Otherwise youll end up like all the other cookie cutter spinners out there.

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hmm cookie cutter spinners... theres a nifty idea. think i'll get a gingerbread man and a christmas tree and put led's on amd and see if they look cool spinning....OR get flashing ones and you can have shapes on your poi that flash...

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thanks but wat has ginger bread got to do with my question???


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you cant really be stuck after 5 days, can you honestly???

perhaps stuck with a move, then try sth else or have a look at the teaching videos or stick to the threads, there you'll find answers!

apart from that, take your time, try to work on the basics, improve them and your play will get more precise and beautiful... wink



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get them down for real.
learn them backwards.
and check out the free lessons on this very site.

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Start working on how to string the tricks you know together (transitions?) and then just keep spinning until it becomes really smooth.

I didn't try to learn too quickly as I'd just run out of stuff I can learn easily (ish) and then hit a wall when I try something very different (as you said, behind the back stuff)

If you really learnt that much in 4-5 days and could do it smoothly...
*bows to jedi fledgling* but I don't think it's about learning as much as you can as quick as you can. To me it's working with what I can do and do it well, then learn new stuff slowly...

I been spinning for about 3 months now and i STILL can't get the hang of stuff like isolations even though it looks simple (and to some people it probably is...damn you!!!! tongue)

After that spiel, good luck and hope you get out of your 'spinner's block' biggrin

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just make it up, no one needs to tell you what to do.

There are thousands of things you can play with, you need to learn how to cope on your own before being given all the answers otherwise you'll never develop the ability to discover stuff by yourself.

Here's some hints:

weave paterns,
butterfly patterns,
behind the back,
behind the head,
under the leg,
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 beats,
wall plane, wheel plane, ceiling plane

that should keep you going for about 6 months, if not then there's nothing more i can do for ya.

btw: isolations take years to perfect lol mine are way from perfect and i've been doing them about 4 years.


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cheers guys, (and gals) lol biggrin, ty very much. ubblol
hugs to every1 hu helped me hug


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Yeah yeah, forget all the tricks, forget all the moves, and especially forget all the terminology. Just try this, spin poi on flat and solid planes, but not necessarily normal angular planes (i.e. try something other than wall/wheel/floor/ceeling.. outta the box man).

Just let the poi spin in various directions, but controlled so that they don't thwack you. No fancy tricks, just straight on spinning or weaving, split time, same time, opposite directions... Next, try moving around while spinning in these odd directions, both hands doing different things out of sync. Keep control.

Once you can do that, the rest should come fairly easy (and I'm talkin about continued flow with the tricks, not the tricks themselves (they are mostly pretty easy anyway, the stuff you see in poi tutorials)).

G'luck, enjoy..

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"thanks but wat has ginger bread got to do with my question??? "

Eating Gingerbread makes you learn things quicker. Didnt you know that? umm
Either that, or you havent read many of the threads here on HOP have you? ubblol

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hi, iv just started poi.....what are isolations????

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Isolations are those things that are in those posts that are descriptions of various poi moves, including isolations, and can be found by using the search function or looking over the forum stickies, which are stickied for a reason.

Search: [Old link]


Definition of poi- A Hawaiian food made from the tuber of the taro that is cooked, pounded to a paste, and fermented.

Ahnold discussing poi - "It is naht a toober!"

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Stucked, go practise outside its sunny today. smile


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was that Richee correcting someone elses English!??? eek

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Written by: inpsydout in the order of poi moves thread

PT= parrallel time
FT=follow time

Level 1

Both hands forwards (FT and PT)
Both hands backwards (FT and PT)
Carries from forwards to backwards
Carries from backwards to forwards
Forwards weave
Backwards weave
Butterfly (Forwards and Backwards)
BTH buttefly (at the same time)
BTH butterfly (hands alternating)

Level 2

Turning from forwards weave to backwards weave
Waist wraps (forwards and backwards)
Hip reels (PT and FT)
Shoulder reels (PT and FT)
Basic lock-outs (flowers)
TTN (forwards and backwards)
Opposite shoulder reels
Opposite hip reels
Basic stalls from the butterfly
The Corkscrew
Giant weave
Giant windmill
Buzzsaw (forwards and backwards)
The Fountain

Level 3

Forwards 5beat weave (wrists facing up and curled round)
Backwards 5beat weave (wrists facing up and curled round)
4 beat TTN (forwards and backwards)
BTB weave (forwards and backwards)
Basic arm wraps
Standard airwrap in the wall plane (from clockwise and anticlockwise)
Simultaneous wrist wraps
Simultaneous bicep wraps
Thigh wraps
Calf wraps
Stalling one up, one down
Basic atoms
The weave with one arm straight
Thru-wraps in the weave, off the arms (forwards and backwards)
4 beat windmills
Under the leg

Level 4 (this is where the silliness begins!)

-isolated buzzsaw
-isolated forwards weave
-isolated backwards weave
-isolated backwards TTN
Stalling the weave
4-beat hyperloop (any direction)
Buzzsaw weave
Airwraps to wrist stalls
Thows and catches
One tie-up in backwards TTN
BTB waist wraps
BTB TTN (both ways!)
Butterfly weave
Pirouettes with arms at opposites
Pirouettes with arms at opposites with flowers
Under alternating legs for four consecutive beats (from TTN) Anti spin flowers (one hand only)
Stalling one up, one down BTB
Grabbing one poi in TTN
Atomic weave, forwards and backwards

Level 5 (this is a little ridiculous) - i can't do a lot of it

4-beat hyperloops from forwards weave, both ways
4-beat hyperloops from backwards weave, both ways
Inverted airwraps
Extra beats in airwraps/hyperloops
2-beat hyperloops from forwards 5beat weave (all four ways)
Under the leg airwraps
Butterfly hyperloops (butterfloops I believe??)
Isolated waist wraps
Isolated shoulder reels
Isolated alternating carries
Antispin forwards weave
Antispin backwards weave
Antispin flowers, both hands forwards in FT
Antispin flowers, both hands backwards in FT
Simultaneous wrist wraps in the buzzsaw
Simultaneous wrist wraps BTB
Simultaneous wrist wraps BTH
Continuous barrell roles forwards and backwards
Whip catches
7-beat weave forwards and backwards
6-beat backwards TTN (hands must be in FT for this to work)

There's not much in that list that involves spinning behind the back, so there's plenty still to learn without it. It's not a completely definative list either, there's still more you can learn.
Have a look in simian's [Old link] page, there's alot of useful stuff in there.

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