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Heyas Guys and Gals, am travelling through:

Bali in October
Chiang Mai in November
Goa from Dez to March

Anybody out there at the same time? (of course but WHERE and WHEN?) wink weavesmiley

Looking for people to practise... boot-camp so to say devil

looking foreward to c u sunny

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

haptotropeBRONZE Member
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Location: Boston, USA

I'll be in Mumbai/Goa from Jan 14-20 and one of my goals is to fire spin in the beach somewhere. drop me a line if you know of a party, or have a good beach to meet up at.

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Go to Pai up 2 hours or so north of Chang Mai in Thailand there was loads of spinning over there last year when we were there, pretty much every night.

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my cell 9822 555 940

Let's get in touch! smile

Gerome is giving workshops in Morjim and Arambol! Fireshows at Ingos Sat. Night Market... weavesmiley

Will be fun spining together biggrin

@hapotrope: dope! Dude can it be true that I missed you? frown Are you still around somewhere?

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

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