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Posted:Hello again... I had some time again today so I moved all the crap out of my living room and made a more serious video tring to improve the lighting and too also give me a bit more space.


New Video Link

One more small video added here,

More Video

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Posted:Well hello there. I am checking out your lastest video and I love it, of course. I am having trouble with the reverse 5 beat but it seems you can do it quite nicely if I'm not mistaken. Don't really remember why I started messaging you but, if you have any tips I guess go for it! HAHA! OH!! I remember. Your name is Robert Bruce...Have you heard of the book "Astral Dynamics". I really enjoyed and you wrote it! Hehe....You should check it out! smile

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Posted:more stalls and wraps please:P
really sweet techy spinning, though more variation would be nice:)
keep up the good work.

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